Terms of Use

§1 Before registering on Torpia, users need to agree to the Terms of Use.

§2 Torpia offers its users the means to communicate with each other. The users are solely responsible for the content of their communication, be it in writing or in pictorial form. Pornographic, racist, insulting content or content violating applicable law will not be tolerated and can lead to the immediate deletion of the account. The same applies to any other behaviour that is considered abusive in the scope of these means.

§3 No user has a claim to participate in Torpia. The operator reserves the right to deny access to users or delete users, should they violate the terms of use, applicable law or public morals.

§4 Cheating in the game:
(1) Every player commits himself to only create no more than one Good and one Evil account, so-called "multi-accounts" of the same type are not permitted.
(2) Bugs are to be reported at once and may not be used for the user's own advantage or that of others.
(3) Exploits that are not specified individually (and can yet be used to play unfairly) which lead to extracurricular capital procurement are not to be used, otherwise the deletion of the implicated account(s) will ensue.

§5 Bots or other tools influencing the game are strictly forbidden.

§6 Torpia will not assume liabilty for damages that are caused by its usage. A recovery of damages is ruled out in any case.

§7 The membership can be terminated by deleting the account at any time.

§8 It is imperative to comply with the orders of administrators and/or moderators.

§9 Virtal items may not be bought/sold/traded in exchange for "real" money.

§10 If one of the paragraphs should be invalid, the other paragraphs' validity will not be affected in any way.

§11 After 90 days of inactivity, the contractual usage relationship will be terminated automatically and cannot be restablished. Should there be still Crowns in the user's account, a voucher code to redeem these Crowns will be sent to the e-mail address indicated by the user.