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The Story

The story behind Torpia

It happened a long time ago, at the dawn of ages, a time too long past to recall, a time, shrouded in mystery, known today only by myths and legends. A world, once united and balanced, its people living together in peaceful harmony, fell into pieces with the discovery of Torpia. The amulet Torpia that, according to legend, bears unimaginable powers, changed the world as it was known then. The balance between Good and Evil was destroyed, the world split asunder into two extremes: Where there once was dualism in every single human being, this amulet now proved to bring out the best or worst in people: Families and friends were split apart, foundations once thought to be firm and unyielding were torn asunder, and instead of a world united in its diversity, the Good now tried to turn their cities into small abodes of paradise on Earth, while the Evil fell prey to their dark side, and started spreading fear and terror all over the lands.

It was during this time of irreconcilable differences, that the search for the ultimate power began, that should be gained by combining the magic amulets, in order to create balance once more. So both sides set out to find these amulets, both playing by their own rules and strengths. The Good employed their economic power, using the information gathered from their trading partners, to find the locations of the magic amulets, whereas the humans whose souls were corrupted by Evil set about ravaging the surrounding lands, using brute force to squeeze the required information from the inhabitants of all neighbouring villages.

Finally both sides began to realize, that on their own, none of them would be able to reach their goal and only by combining their strengths, and by uniting their forces and wits in so-called Brotherhoods, they would be able to succeed and counterbalance their weaknesses. Suddenly the Evil were able to supply their mighty troops with sorely needed supplies, while the busy Good towns, abounding in natural resources, were now able to rely on military protection. Thus strengthened, both parties were now ready to start the search for the magic artifacts once more. Alas, now they were faced with opposing Brotherhoods, who were pursuing the same goal.

Who will be the first to combine all hidden amulets and create the magic scrolls? Who will be the one to create balance once again? The race has begun!

The brother-based online game Torpia lets you choose between the two ethics Good and Evil, and allows you to compete for free with thousands of other players. This game is completely free and does not require any downloads, but can be played directly in your browser. Register for free on the browser-game Torpia, and discover the spectacular world of this fantasy-game set in the Middle Ages. The battle is awaiting you!

The Features


- Free browser based online game
- No downloads necessary
- Medieval Setting
- Two entirely different ethics, relying on each other to succeed
- Complex trading- and battle-system
- 19 different buildings
- 10 different forms of troops
- 10 different types of goods
- Brotherhoods, allowing players to unite and reach the game-goal together

Good or Evil? Make your choice and start developing your very own empire in the free browser based online game Torpia.

Evil Players - The Power of Cold Steel

You think the world should be ruled by cold steel and brute force? Then an Evil empire is only waiting to be reigned by your steely hand. Set up a bandit camp, and start producing your first axe fighters. Before long, you will be master over a well-armed army. Schooled in the military academy by the best fighters in your land, and trained in all kinds of warfare, be it on horseback or on foot, your soldiers will trample down all opposing forces, and conquer the lands of Torpia. But beware, your forces might be strong, but your people are no constructors and no traders. So in order to get the weapons you need to arm your forces, you will have to find allies among the Good players, who will supply you with swords, crossbows, handbows and everything else a strong soldier needs to withstand his enemies. And who knows, you may even feel tempted to offer your Good partners protection in return?

Good Players - The Power of Economy

Your heart is open, your aim is true, you plan wisely and run your lands with the force of economy? Welcome to the Good side then. You will find your destiny in the power of economy, and lead your lands to prosperity with 19 different buildings. Use your resources gold, iron stone and steel, to equip your town with construction buildings and housing for your busy workers. To bring your town wealth and prosperity, you need to find trading partners. So start constructing trade-carts, breed horses and forge weapons. These can be used for trading with Evil players, who might even offer you troops to protect your town in return. And who knows, your Evil trading partners may yet help you rule the lands of Torpia?

Unite with other players in Brotherhoods

Torpia is a classic multiplayer-game. Without the help of Evil players, the Good will be crushed by their enemies, and without the help of Good players, the Evil players will neither be able to trade, nor equip their armies with weapons. The world of Torpia may be divided, but in order to succeed within this fantasy-game, Good and Evil will have to breach the gap that severs them, and unite their forces. Trading with each other will not suffice however, for only by joining in Brotherhoods, both Good and Evil will be able to search for the magic amulets, that may in the end help them reach the game-goal.

This MMO-game is not for loners. This game is all about communication, interaction, pacts and alliances. The world of Torpia has no mercy for single-players and lone gun - pardon - swordsmen or women. So combine your wits, your economic power and your steel-fisted strength and create the magic scrolls that combined, will give you the power over this fantasy world.

Fantasy, magic, strategy and combating-action

There are no downloads necessary in order to play the free browser based game Torpia. Register for free and discover a fantasy world set in the middle ages. Strategy-game, fantasy-game and economy simulation with a Medieval backdrop: Torpia brings fun, entertainment and action to players of all ages, fans of strategy games and lovers of sword-armored action likewise. This browser game is based on a completely new game-idea: In contrast to other browser games, both parties aren't just two sides of the same coin, but two completely opposed sides, that nevertheless depend on each other. Without cooperation, you will not be able to succeed on this game for long. In Brotherhoods, players can unite, and win Torpia in the end - completely for free.


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Join the Good side and develop a thriving metropolis...

...or join the throngs of Evil and create a hotbed of terror and fear.

Produce goods and commodities in order to trade with your neighbours...

... or command mighty armies, in order to defeat your enemies.

Torpia - Magic amulets, cryptic scrolls and mysterious Brotherhoods: Delve into a fantastic world and discover the power of Torpia!
You will be faced with the ultimate decision right at the beginning: Do you belong to the Good side and want to thrive through trading and economy, or do you want to join the forces of Evil and plan on sending out your troops to loot? Whichever ethic you may choose, make sure to use your resources wisely and unite with your fellow players.

Welcome to the battle over the power of Torpia! Choose your side and use its specific strengths, in order to unite the magic amulets and reinstate the equilibrium between Good and Evil.